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1st prize at the World Summit Award Germany 2021

For the Harmonic Guides as a sustainable digital business solution.



The WSA Germany awards digital solutions that help to implement the 17 SDGs, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. On an international level, up to 800 projects and companies from 180 countries in eight categories have been participating in the world's most renowned digital impact competition every year since 2003 .

We are very pleased that our Harmonic Guides won as a sustainable digital solution in the Business& Sales category. Because it shows how important sustainable decisions are in companies and that systematic and digital support is needed for this. To the press release

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Harmonic Life Guides

Why and for whom?

Are you facing important decisions? Are you sometimes eager to do things, but never actually do them? Do you repeatedly have to master challenges? Do you sometimes feel unable to cope with all the uncertainty and complexity in your life? On your job, in family, in education in your life generally?



Then go for Harmonic Life Guides!

Harmonic Guides will help you to gain overwiew, clarity and security. And unleash powers you never thought you have. Just coach yourself with Harmonic Guides! The better you follow instructions, the further you will succeed on your own (otherwise you will find help from experts here).


How do Harmonic Guides do it?

With a map and a navigation. Harmonic Guides make visible all relevant factors that influence your challenge, how they arrange in the map and how they resonate with each other. Having thereby obtained a well-structure overview it usually is not too diffucult to find a decent path to a good solution. So you will easily and quickly find your way from a nebulous problem to a proper to-do list and gain the momentum to get it done.


So you can do what is important to you!




The core of every Life Guide is a map. Since there are different challenges in different spheres of life there are several maps for several subjects. Making the experience of the Life Guides even easier for you. So far there are two maps, one for the challenges of everyday life, one especially for career issues. More maps are to follow soon and are already included in the subscription, e.g. you will get more maps without additional costs.




There is always something bound to be wrong. So, every day decisions and actions may be required from you that often do not come naturally. Maybe it is difficult to define the problem. Or to find out why none of the easy solutions seem to fit.


If so, the Everyday map is the best choice. Because it helps you to master all the different challenges of everyday life with ease, overview and momentum.


Ought I stick to the old job or make an application elsewhere? Should I accept a tempting offer, even if it means more stress and hassle?


If you have questions like that, the Carreer map will help you. Because you will easily get a well-structured overview on all relevant factors for your decision. For your happiniess on and off your job and your finances likewise.


The basic version of the Harmonic Life Guide already offers all important functions and all available maps. The personal and advanced versions of the Harmonic Life Guide will both offer additional and more comfortable functions soon.
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Harmonic Life Guide Basic

  • full visualierung and guidance
  • all important functions
  • all available maps
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  • easy to use
  • ready to get started


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After submitting the order I will receive an order confirmation and a link to register with the Harmonic Guides and start using the service immediately. An invoice will be sent within 48 hours to the above mentioned e-mail address. The subscription is initially valid for 12 months and will be automatically extended for another 12 months if I do not cancel it at least 4 weeks before the end of the subscription period.

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Harmonic Life Guides are products of Harmonia Logic AG, Berlin/Wittenberg. More tools for other topics based on the same WisdomThinking®- methodology are: Harmonic SDG-Guides for Founders, Small and Midsized Businesses and -soon to be released - Harmonic Masters for Corporates (Businesses, Organisations, Insitutitions and their staff).


Dr. Martin Böckstiegel and Dr. Elke Böckstiegel are founders and partners of Harmonia Logic as well as pioneers of the harmonic methodology.

Moreover Harmonia Logic offers Guidance and Training working with the WisdomThinking®-methodology and the tools based on it (online Harmonic Guides and Harmonic Masters, offline Harmonic Action Canvasses).


Harmonia Academy is the Academy of Harmonia Logic offering education on the WisdomThinking®-method and the tools based on it, both for consultants (WisdomThinking® Coach / Action-Systemic® Coach) and for other professionals (WisdomThinking® Leader).