Working excellently.
Acting harmoniously.

Harmonic Business Guides provide

clarity, power and standing.


Harmonic Business Guides

For what and for whom?

You want to deliver excellent work? Although the requirements are unclear or constantly changing? And the market pressure is murderous? Never work other than at eye level? Without wearing yourself out? Calm and cool?


Whatever the specific challenges. As a freelancer, self-employed person, artist or other professional
you need clarity, power and standing, no matter how confusing the situation.




Then go for Harmonic Business Guides!

Harmonic Guides will help you to gain overwiew, clarity and security. And unleash powers you never thought you have. Just coach yourself with Harmonic Guides! Its easier than you might think. The better you follow instructions, the further you will succeed on your own (otherwise you will find help from experts here).


How do Harmonic Guides do it?

With a map and a navigation. Harmonic Guides make visible all relevant factors that influence your challenge, how they arrange in the map and how they resonate with each other. Having thereby obtained a well-structure overview it usually is not too diffucult to find a decent path to a good solution. So you will easily and quickly find your way from a nebulous problem to a proper to-do list and gain the momentum to get it done.









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Harmonic Life Guides are products of Harmonia Logic AG, Berlin. More tools for other topics based on the same harmonic methodolody for other areas of application are Harmonic Life Guides for everybody, Harmonic Founder Guides for founders and entrepreneurs and Harmonic Masters for corporations (companies, organisations, institutions and their employees).


Partners and founders of Harmonia Logic and pioneers of harmonious action logic are Dr. Martin Böckstiegel and Dr. Elke Böckstiegel.

Moreover Harmonia Logic offers Guidance and Training working with this methodology and the tools based on it (online Harmonic Guides and Harmonic Masters, offline Harmonic Action Canvasses).


Harmonia Academy is the Academy of Harmonia Logic offering education on the harmonic methodolody and the tools based on it, among others several training courses for advisors and facilitators (Aktions-Systemische Beratung / Harmonic Facilitation) as well as for other professionals (e.g. Harmonic Business Professional and Harmonic Business Coach).


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